Peru and Galapagos - April/May 2005



This is me in front of one of the volcanoes outside Arequipa These guinea pigs were very friendly In an old bread oven in the St. Catalina convent, Arequipa St. Catalina convent again

Colca Canyon

Inspecting an offering to the Gods - that's what these piles of stones are A fantastic offering! Looking out over the canyon Canyon shot Canyon shot Canyon shot Canyon shot Canyon shot

Lake Titicaca and the train to Cuzco

Sitting in front of a reed structure on an Island of the Uros Here's a mini version of one of their reed boats This is the view from my hotel room The view again from a bit further back On the Orient Express to Cuzco Sipping my complementary pisco sour

Saqsaywaman - outside Cuzco

There are some big stones in this place But there's always room for a little penguin Even room for me to have a snooze! This is the entrance to a temple where they sacrificed llamas The llama would lie on this stone - like so Another photo of my sacrificial demonstration

Machu Picchu

This is the amazing view you get when you enter Machu Picchu Fantastic isn't it? I thought I'd perch on a rock to get a different perspective Yes - you can see very clearly from here The Incas had a good view from their windows Notice how these small rocks mimic the mountains behind Phew - this was after climbing up to the caretaker's cottage As you can see you got a great view A nice shady passage Cooling down in the shade But it's nice to have a bit of sun coming in through a window Great window seat!

Galapagos Islands

I've split my Galapagos shots up into categories so that you can see what's what

Various scenic shots

Sunning myself on the rocks This weird looking football is actually a dead sea urchin Post office bay - unfortunately some weirdo got in on the shot Here I am inspecting the postcards Riding on the pangas was fun A lovely sea view Whoa - good job I can balance This is the edge of a volcanic crater That weirdo turned up again to ruin my relaxing shot Phew - a big climb on the last day but worth it for the view The classic shot - me in front of Pinnacle Rock And lastly, here I am with Cathy, one of our naturists, and that weird woman again

Sea lions

These sealions were nice and chilled out Getting a bit closer to the sealions


More sunning, and some marine iguanas if you look carefully


The albatrosses don't look so big in this photo Got a bit nearer this time


The blue footed boobies were impressed with my dance skills This one was studying the moves I sketched out for him These Nazca boobies weren't very good at posing A better Nazca booby shot - all eyes to the front It turns out that red footed boobies AREN'T the only webbed feet birds that can sit in trees!


What tortoise? Where? This one had vacated his shell So I tried it out for size Penguins look better on top of shells - not inside them Ah - here's a real, live tortoise Another tortoise - they're everywhere!

Frigate birds

Giving the male frigate birds some tips on attracting the females


Here I am with a flightless cormorant behind me It was hard work talking to the cormorants so I had a lie down You can see the boat behind the cormorants in this one My best cormorant shot Flapping our useless wings together Having another flap


Look! It's me on the panga - with another penguin behind me! Here he is again


Hitched a lift on a Sally Lightfoot crab

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