Frigid in Antarctica - December 2008/January 2009

I had been feeling rather homesick, so when I heard that Dave and Caroline were going to Antarctica I tagged along.

Our first stop was West Point Island in the Falklands where I met with some Rockhopper Penguins. They look pretty similar to us Macaronis.
Rockhopper penguins

Then, still in the Falklands, we visited Carcass Island and the Magellanic penguins who are rather shy.
Magellanic penguins Magellanic penguins

Salisbury Plain, south Georgia, with the King penguins and some seals - those are the things that look like rocks!
King penguins King penguins King penguins

And even more King penguins at Right Whale Bay, south Georgia on Christmas day. In the last photo there's a fur seal too.
King penguins King penguins King penguins King penguins

I'm still in Right Whale Bay here, but with Gentoo penguins and a friendly fur seal.
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins

These are my cabin mates. The big one took up a lot of room, and Father Christmas seemed to think that just because it was Christmas he should get first choice of the beds, but the rest of us told him to behave, and he was much better after that.

Cabin friends Cabin friends

Some elephant seals in Gold Harbor, South Georgia. These guys could really do with some breath freshening mints. I don't think they've ever seen a tube of toothpaste. Or beak paste in my case.
Elephant seals Elephant seals

I was amazed at just how many King penguins there were around, but this lot were pretty friendly. Almost too friendly.
King penguins King penguins King penguins King penguins King penguins

Finally - Macaroni penguins, the same species as me!. It was great to see the family again. That's my sister sliding along on her tummy.
Macaroni penguins

Chin-strap penguins at Argentine Base "Orcadas", Laurie Island, the South Orkney Islands.
Chin strap penguins

These two are Adelie penguins (same location as above) who gave me a lovely tour of the island. Very picturesque.
Adelie penguins

This is the British Refuge Hut on Cuverville Island, the Antarctic Peninsula. Dave and I are re-creating the famous Scott photo in the second one. Here's the original photo.
Hut Hut

Sometimes, when I got a bit cabin-feverish, I'd go off on my own for a walk. This spot on Cuverville Island was one of my favourite quiet spots.
Cuverville Island Cuverville Island

Port Lockrow, the Antarctic Peninsula where I bumped into some Gentoo penguins.
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins

New Year antics - my diving into a glass of wine went down particularly well. My friend is Steve - I think if he hadn't encouraged me I would not have drunk so much.
New Year New Year New Year

Here I am with our boat in the background in Nico Harbor.
Boat Boat

The making of "Frigid in Antarctica"

There was a large crew behind the making of Frigid in Antarctica - not just the star, Frigid, and co-star, Dave. The official photographer was Caroline, and there were a large number of supporting artists known as "the people from the boat". Frigid would like to thank them all.
Making of Making of Making of Making of Making of
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