Frigid in Australia again - May/June 2008

This time I went for a road trip up the West Coast, then on to Singapore again

We started off in Perth

Jerry and Sue took me on a pub crawl around Fremantle. We started off in the main street where we saw a Pirate doing a sword swallowing/balancing act, went to the Little Creatures Brewery, where I was allowed to sit on a beer vat, then on to another pub where I got so drunk I fell in a wine glass and had to be rescued. How embarassing.
Little Creatures Little Creatures Little Creatures Too much wine Too much wine Too much wine Too much wine

We stopped off at a few places on the way up to Coral Bay - Geraldton and Quobba were two of them
Geraldton Quobba Quobba

Here's me looking after the camper van
van van

Did some snorkelling with whale sharks and manta rays up at Coral Bay, plus I was allowed to Captain the dive boat
Whale shark Manta Ray boat crew driving

On the way back we stopped at Kalbarri National Park and visited Shell Beach and the Pinnacles
Kalbarri with a weirdo Kalbarri shell beach shell beach Pinnacles Pinnacles Pinnacles Pinnacles

Then when we got back to Perth I stayed with Jerry and Sue again. We went on another pub crawl where I met Fru Fru Meringue - a lovely voodoo high priestess.
Fru Fru Meringue

After that I chilled out at Jerry and Sue's and beat everyone at Poker
All the weirdos Poker hustling

On the way home I stopped off at Singapore. I tried fish reflexology - this is where fish nibble away all the hard skin on your flippers. I also went on the Singapore Flyer whilst drinking a cocktail. Yum.
Fish reflexology Singapore flyer Singapore flyer Singapore flyer Singapore flyer Singapore flyer Singapore flyer
Justin and Alice's trip journal
Coral Bay Eco Tours (the people we saw Manta Rays with)
Ningaloo Reef Dive (the people we saw Whale Sharks with)
Singapore Flyer
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