Angie and Greg take Frigid to Australia and New Zealand 2005

I was very excited when Angie offered to take me to Australia this summer. She and Greg were going out there for a wedding and to support the British Lions rugby team. I'm not one to turn down a travel opportunity so off I went!

En route to Oz - Singapore

On the way to Australia we stopped off in Singapore to stretch our flippers and have a look around...
Firstly we went on a duck tour - one of those land/water vehicles...
view from the vehicle another view from the vehicle this was our friendly tour guide

Then we stopped off for a bite to eat and a cocktail or two
I started off with a Singapore Sling The first one was so good i needed another Decided it was time to have something to eat. Mmmm - only cocktails on the menu!


First stop was Brisbane for the wedding. I decided to go with Angie to make myself presentable. Got my beak pierced (it's all the rage - but took it out before I got home as I thought Alice and Justin wouldn't approve). Also managed to do some sightseeing and actually ran into one of my relatives.
My long lost cousin - here in Brisbane! Penguins like boat rides So many colours to choose from Having my flippers filed Wow - cool piercing I like the pierced beak look


Next we were off to Sydney. I took in the famous sights - the bridge, the opera house - and even conducted an item in the opera house itself - one of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra's numbers. Dragged Angie and Greg to the aquarium at Featherdale Wildlife Park (on the way to the Blue Mountains) and ran into some of my other relatives (much smaller than the one I met in Brisbane)!
Not very impressed with the marine life so far Ah - this is more like it Some friends and relatives Sydney harbour bridge In front of the opera house Doing a bit of conducting A close up shot

New Zealand

After a fantastic time in Australia we arrived in New Zealand. First stop was Christchurch where we watched a rugby match. At first I was worried that they were throwing an egg around, but Greg explained that it was actually just a ball. It rained a lot that day.


Watching rugby in the rain


Unfortunately we weren't able to swim with the dolphins as planned, so we hung around in Kaikoura instead.
Kaikoura Kaikoura

Franz Josef

I finally got to try horse riding. I've always wanted to have a go! I proved to be quite a natural.
Cowboy Frigid Giddyup Horsing around


Wellington provided more rugby which I really got into. Less rain here, too.
Rugby but less rain


I think this means "Lots of Geysers". They were really great to watch but a bit pongy.
This may look like a beach but actually it's mud! Overlooking the waterfall It seems so calm here, and I look like I've lost weight! A bit of geyser action in the background Wow - that one's a bit close


This was our last stop - and our final rugby match. This time the team actually let me sit on the pitch, which gave me an excellent view.
Last rugby match
Angie and Greg's trip journal
Sydney Opera House
Featherdale wildlife park
Australian tourist board
New Zealand tourism
South Western horse treks, Franz Josef

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