Frigid in Singapore and Japan - September/October 2008

I re-visited Singapore and explored Japan

First of all I went to Singapore for some relaxation and for the Grand Prix

I was present for all three days of the Grand Prix - The first and third days I was in the grandstand, the second day I managed to get some proper hospitality.

The races

Frigid in grandstand - here I am in the grandstand
Frigid in hospitality - this is when I was in the hospitality area
Frigid with crew - I gave the pit crew some advice
Frigid watches race - here's me watching a race


Frigid has a curry - Justin and I went for a curry in a nice place where you sit on the floor
Frigid on treetop walk - here I am on the treetop walk
Frigid on treetop walk - the view was lovely
Frigid on treetop walk - lots of trees and plants


Then we flew to Tokyo - I've not been to Japan before, but everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed all the fresh fish. On the first day I didn't do a lot, but I did go to Roppongi and have a nice meal
Frigid in Roppongi - here's Roppongi - very busy.
Frigid has a meal - I had a nice meal
Frigid in bar - then a drink in the hotel bar

On the second day I visited the Imperial Palace and a shrine
Frigid at the Imperial Palace - This is me on a railing by the Imperial Palace
Frigid outside palace - this is just outside the Imperial Palace area
Frigid at shrine - here's me at the shrine


Next day I went to Hakone on the bullet train. After arriving I went on a boat trip. I stayed in a traditional Ryokan. I had a lovely traditional meal (whilst wearing my kimono) and lots of tea and met a nice lady who looked after me. In the morning I visited an open air museum with lots of sculptures
Frigid on boat - this is a boat we went on


Frigid drinks tea - I put my kimono on and had some tea
Frigid on futon - this is where I slept, on the futon
Frigid at Ryokan by volcanic bath - this it the volcanically heated hot bath on my balcony
Frigid at Ryokan by volcanic bath - here it is again from a different angle, it was so nice and warm
Frigid at Ryokan with lady - this is Justin and the lovely lady who looked after me
Frigid outside Ryokan - this is the Ryokan from the outside
Frigid outside Ryokan - here it is again but a bit further away

Open air museum

Frigid by sculpture - one of the sculptures
Frigid inside sculpture - you were allowed to climb inside this one if you were little like me
Frigid on sculpture - this was a maze made up of little gardens
Frigid on sculpture, close up - here I am a bit closer


Then I went to Kyoto. The first day in Kyoto I visited the Golden Pavilion, had some tea, and then went to the Ryoanji Temple (where I met some students)

Golden pavilion

Frigid by pagoda - this is the Golden Pavilion
Frigid has tea - I had some tea


Frigid at Ryoanji by a shrine - this is a little shrine
Frigid with koi - I met a friendly koi carp who lived there
Frigid at Ryoanji on bridge - there was a lovely lake
Frigid at Ryoanji on bridge - with a nice bridge
Frigid meets some students - here are the students I met, their English was very good
Frigid in zen garden - there was a zen garden at the temple

The next day I went to Nijo Castle and then to Gion (the geisha district) in the evening

Nijo Castle

Frigid at Nijo - here I am outisde one of the castle buildings
Frigid at Nijo - this is one of the gates
Frigid on bell - a big bell thing I managed to climb up
Frigid at Nijo in gardens - this is a shot of the gardens
Frigid and moat - and here's the moat which went all the way around the castle

Gion and Kyoto

Frigid in Gion - here I am by a lampost in Gion, Kyoto
Frigid has sushi - for dinner I went to a sushi train restaurant
Frigid has sushi - it was delicious and very cheap
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