Frigid and Simon go climbing

My friend Simon offered to take me on his ascent of Kilimanjaro. Being an adventurous penguin I accepted his invitation.

rucksack Walking on flippers is slow so Simon let me ride in his rucksack
lodge This is our lodge. There was a nice pool where I cooled off
beer It's the only thing to drink around here!
Off we go
Kilimanjaro This was our goal
starting off Start of the walk in the Lemosho Glades. Good job I hadn't eaten too much over Christmas
tent Guarding the tent with the Barranco Wall behind me
climbing Getting closer to the snow but a way to go yet. Luckily I found some humans the same size as me!
group shot 1 Here's the whole group at the top of the Barranco Wall. Phew. Can you see me?
summit We're a lot nearer the summit here
group shot 2 The group were still in good spirits
nearly there Nearly there - only 45 mins to go
top Hooray! We finally made it. Good job I was there to help Simon up.
finished Back down again at Mweka Gate
food Celebratory meal at Carnivore in Nairobi where you can eat lots of different animals. I had fish.

Thank you Simon for taking me with you

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