Singapore, Borneo and Malaysia - 2007

This time I visited Singapore, jetted off to Borneo for a few days, then went to Kuala Lumpur to check out the Petronas towers.


Not many pictures of Singapore as a lot of the things I got up to were either dark (Night Safari) or just lounging around. However I did mangage to get to Sentosa Island - where the locals go for some light relief.
cable car to Sentosa Butterfly house on Sentosa Island


In Borneo I stayed in Kuching which is a lovely friendly place. Unfortunately no photos of me with the orangutans or the proboscis monkeys as I was too busy watching them to take any photos. But I've included some links at the bottom of the page.
Cat museum, Kuching On the river bank Crocodile beside the river In the jaws of danger! Posing with the cat statues my close up I got on with this cat particularly well A totem pole in the cultural village Inside the Thai house, cultural village My village passport Sitting on the swing underneath the Thai house Some carved stones

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is where I stopped off to see the Petronas Towers.
Petronas Towers Inside the walkway half way up the towers
Alice and Justin's photos - follow the link, click on the Photos button and go from there.
Sentosa Island
Kuching - I don't know who runs this site but it's got far more pictures on it than the official one.
Kuching cat museum - hard to find a website, but this blog entry is good
Semenggoh Orangutan sanctuary that I visited. Hard to find a link, but basically four of us (and me) hired a taxi to take us to the sanctuary from our hotel, wait for us, then take us back again and it cost a little over £10 - highly recommended!
More Semenggoh photos - from someone's website
BBC proboscis monkey page
National Geographic proboscis monkey page
It's hard to find information on the monkeys in Baku national park (also known as Bako) but again, we arranged a trip from our hotel, with a private tour guide who took us there - first in his car, then we got a boat, then he accompanied us around the park. It was a very reasonable price.
Cultural village

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